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Quad Cities Custom Portrait Photographer | Why Custom Photography

Custom portrait photography is an investment in the present time for you and your family’s future.  It is exactly the right choice for you if you enjoy taking a more active role in the creation of your family’s memories, investing in heirloom prints and products, and have the desire to have portrait art that is truly personalized and unique to you.

I completely understand that custom photography truly is not for everyone as it requires a level of commitment, investment in time and money, forethought and planning from both myself and you.  There is a great deal of time involved in creating high end custom photography sessions for a client.  The result of all these things are heirloom quality images.  When you book with Amanda Oakes Photography, you will receive the luxury of great service in all aspects including customized assistance in selecting just the right locations and wardrobe to compliment your style, amazing quality portrait prints, canvases, albums, and many other products.

The ultimate perks of custom photography are in the choices and the quality of these options.  With the customized service, the experience will be like nothing you’ve ever had before.  The comfort of knowing that your final images are the result of someone caring about these moments just as much as you; in fact, so much so, that they take extra time ensuring the artwork you receive is amazing enough to stand by with their name on it.  That level of quality and commitment is everything you will receive when you book with me.  Custom photography is based on being unique to you, and the portrait art you become invested in will only increase in emotional value and become more priceless to you as time passes.

With that being said, photographs are the ultimate gift we can offer. I want to provide each of my clients the most amazing experience that’s nothing like you’ve ever had before.  I offer everything from a pre-consultation to determine just the right location and style you want, to designing just the right sizes of wall art to create an incredible gallery on the walls of your home.  I’m ecstatic to offer you quality portraits to frame and luxurious canvases to hang and a wide variety of other unique products to select from.

Quad Cities Custom Portrait Photographer | Amanda Oakes Photography | www.amandaoakesphotography.com

Amanda Oakes Photography is a Quad Cities newborn and family photographer who also specializes in children photography, engagement and wedding photography, and maternity photography.  This includes photography services in the Moline, IL, Rock Island, IL, Davenport, IA, Bettendorf, IA, Muscatine, IA and the greater Quad Cities area.

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