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Quad Cities Wedding Photographer | The Big Day

Growing up, everyone always tells you “don’t wish your life away” or how “time flies” and to “cherish each second”.  As I’m getting older and now have two children of my own, these statements couldn’t possibly be more true.  For example, it’s truly hard to believe that today is the big day for my younger brother, Chance, to marry his fiancé, Torie.

There is 10 years difference in age between Chance and I, and I can remember when my mom was in the hospital delivering him.  I was beyond excited to have a second sibling…that is until he began crawling and walking and getting into all my prize possessions of course.  And then once he started talking and embarrassing me in front of all my friends!  Then I think I started second guessing how awesome it was to have a younger brother – lol!

I suppose one could say Chance didn’t have it very easy growing up with two older sisters.  He was constantly tortured with dolls, makeup, hair, playing house, and anything else girly my sister and I could throw his way.  I can remember one time when Chance was just a few years old, I thought he needed to know how to dance.  So….I got down on my knees and taught him how to slow dance and dip a girl – lol!  I’m hoping that he paid attention at that very young age and those skills shine through tonight on the dance floor! 🙂

I’ve always been so proud of Chance and everything he’s accomplished.  Today is no different.  I’m beyond excited for Chance and Torie to start their new lives together as husband and wife, and to gain Torie as a sister-in-law and officially have her as part of our family.

Where did the time go…I’m honestly not sure.  But I do know that time truly flies when you’re having fun!

And that my friends, leads us to this very special day!

Congratulations to you both!  We all wish you many, many, many years of happiness together!


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